7 Costly Shortcuts In Interior Painting in Omaha, NE

2020-07-17 Brush and Roll Painting Omaha NE Costly Interior Shortcuts

7 Costly Shortcuts In Interior Painting in Omaha, NE

Sometimes when you’re looking to paint the interior of your home, you might find yourself in a bit of a rush and think that you are going to take some simple shortcuts that will get the job done sooner.

The problem with some of these so-called shortcuts is that they can sometimes be much worse than not taking the shortcuts at all — and in some cases they will make it necessary for you to start your painting project from scratch and that will ultimately make it take so much longer.

With that being the case, here are seven costly shortcuts in interior painting in Omaha, NE.

1. Not Taking The Time To Prepare

When you are looking to paint the interior of your home, it’s important to take time to prepare for the painting project you will have ahead of you for a period of time.

Though you might not think that it’s much of a big deal and that you can just dive right into the painting, this is not the case.

It bears making sure that you know the dimensions of your interior that are going to be painted, as you will be able to then get the appropriate amount of paint and get the protective materials you will need to keep your home clean while you are painting.

2. Not Putting Up Protective Materials

Protective materials such as canvas or plastic drop cloths are an important part of the painting process, as they help to make sure that your home is kept clean as you paint.

Some might think to use just about anything that could be laying around the house that would be sufficiently similar to a cloth drop cloth — but the difference is that these make shift protective materials may only have the appearance of protective materials without their qualities.

3. Not Cleaning Your Cabinets Before Painting Them

It can be a bit of a disaster if you don’t clean your cabinets prior to painting them — you can just imagine the mess that would be made if you try painting right on top of a greasy and dusty cabinets.

When you are looking to paint your kitchen cabinets, you do well by first cleaning the cabinets thoroughly, both in terms of any dust and grime that may have accumulated over time as well as any grease that typically is found in a kitchen.

Skipping this step might seem like a time saver but ultimately will ruin your kitchen cabinet painting work.

4. Not Removing The Cabinet Doors And Drawers

When you don’t take the time to remove the cabinet doors and drawers prior to painting your kitchen cabinets (or other cabinets, for that matter) you are only doing yourself a disservice.

When you leave the doors and drawers on, you have something that gets in the way of your painting process and make it much more difficult for you to paint both the cabinets as well as the doors and drawers themselves.

5. Not Sanding Before Painting

Sanding is an important part of the painting process and is one that you should never skip.

Sanding the surface of that which is to be painted prepares it by making it more smooth, which allows for the paint to not only go on better but stay on longer — adhesive qualities are improved through sanding.

6. Only Using One Coat Of Paint

You could very well look at something to which you only applied one coat of paint and think it looks good right after painting, but give it time.

It will inevitably be the case that you will realize that it would have looked better with a second coat of paint.

7. Not Properly Mixing The Paint

It’s imperative that you properly mix the paint that you use prior to using it.

Dyes separate over time, and if you don’t mix paint you are looking at an uneven paint job.

If you need a professional to help you with your exterior painting in Omaha, NE, our team at Brush & Roll Painting can help.


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