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Interior Painting

It is a privilege to work on your transformation and you should feel secure while we’re in your home. Our professional team of interior painters recognizes this great responsibility and will provide you with a high-quality job that will look flawless and last.

Living room interior with white walls and neutral floors and furniture.

Pricing Guidelines for Interior Painting

All prices include 2 coats of high-quality, stain-resistant paint.

9-Year Material & Labor Interior Painting Warranty

The products we use, while incredibly durable, are not indestructible. 

Our 9-Year Warranty allows us to inspect the work and ensure it looks its best each year. We will also take care of any nicks or scratches that may have occurred.

It's just another way we can help your paint look good for years.

Person touching up paint on interior door and trim.

Your Biggest Questions

You deserve to have your questions answered before investing in your Interior Painting project.

Why is there a wide range of prices between contractors?

What is included in the cost?

What could increase the cost?

What are some ways to get the cost down?

Do you remove or install wallpaper?

Will there be any surprise charges during my project?

When can we start the project?

How long would the project take?

What if I don't know what color I want?

Is prep work really necessary?