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Exterior Painting

With a properly prepped and finished exterior paint job, you can increase your home’s value. Not only will your home have visual appeal, but you can also protect it from wear and tear caused by Nebraska weather conditions. 

White exterior of home with black trim.

Pricing Guidelines for Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting Material & Labor Warranty

As we all know, Nebraska weather can be unpredictable. In harsh conditions, it can cause damage to your exterior paint. Because of this, you are likely going to see at least some imperfections in the paint or caulk per year. 

Each year of the warranty, we will make necessary touch-ups for up to an hour. The paint product you choose determines the length of your warranty.

Ultra Spec 500 by Benjamin Moore - 2 Years

Regal Select by Benjamin Moore - 5 Years

Aura by Benjamin Moore - 9 Years

Man touching up exterior windows white paint with brush.

Your Biggest Questions

You deserve to have your questions answered before investing in your Interior Painting project.

Why is there a big difference in price between painting companies?

What is included in the cost of Exterior Painting?

What could increase the cost of Exterior Painting?

Can I just have my home power washed?

What are some ways to get the cost down?

Will there be any surprise charges during my project?

When can we start the project?

How long would the project take?

What if I don't know what colors I want?