5 Reasons To Repaint Your Kitchen Cabinets in Omaha, NE

2020-08-24 Brush and Roll Omaha NE Reasons Kitchen Cabinets Repaint

5 Reasons To Repaint Your Kitchen Cabinets in Omaha, NE When you are in the course of remodeling your home, one area you might consider for the remodel is your kitchen. There are many things you can do to better the look of your kitchen, […]

5 Money-Saving Tips For Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets in Omaha, NE

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5 Money-Saving Tips For Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets in Omaha, NE At some point when you own a home with kitchen cabinets, you might consider the fact that if your cabinets are sufficiently sturdy it is almost always the case that painting them is going […]

Techniques For Repainting Laminate Cabinets in Omaha, NE

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5 Tips For Renovating Your Kitchen On A Budget in Omaha, NE

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7 Tips and Tricks for Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Omaha, NE

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Advice for Home Woodworking in Omaha, NE

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting, Omaha, NE: Critical Steps to Consider

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Tips for Prepping Kitchen Cabinets for Painting

Painting kitchen cabinets can be a tricky and time-consuming exercise, but like any painting project, it is all about proper surface preparation.

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Do I Have Wood Rot On My Siding? What to Do

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Given the right condition and enough time, wood rot can destroy your building material and land you into thousands of dollars in repair costs. Oftentimes, your house may show obvious signs of the need to repair. For example, if your gutter breaks down during a […]

How to protect Your Woodwork in Three Simple Steps

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Woodwork refinishing is an important process of extending the durability and usability of any piece of woodwork –furniture, art, cabinets etc. If your wooden furniture is looking dreary and needs more than just cleaning, a quick refinish might be what you need. As usual, we […]

FAQ: What does glazing my cabinets mean?

Have you heard the term “glazing” during your cabinet refinishing information search and wondered what exactly it means? We are here to explain so you can decide if it’s a good design choice for YOU!

Glazing is a premium finish regularly referred to as antiquing or distressing. The glaze is a transparent or semi-transparent coating that is applied after painting or staining to add color and depth. There are two common glaze styles and often both are applied. First is adding line work to the grooves and corners of your cabinets. This technique is sometimes referred to as accent glazing because it accentuates any architectural detail without affecting the primary color of paint or stain. Second, the glaze is applied to the whole door and wiped off with a rag and/or brush. This method slightly darkens or lightens your overall color and leaves a subtle brush-stroked appearance, creating a custom one-of-a-kind finish that makes your kitchen uniquely your own.

Here at Brush & Roll Painting, all glazing is done by the hands of one of our trained professionals using various techniques depending on the look you choose. Because color and glaze choices are endless we offer color consultations to help find the best colors for your kitchen.
Below is a before and after of a glazed kitchen we finished recently. We also have many examples of glazing in our showroom, we welcome you to come check them out in person!

5 Painting Shortcuts You Should Never Take

painting tips

Hiring a painting contractor in Omaha, NE is the most reliable way of having your home’s interior painted or kitchen cabinets refinished. The pros have the tools, skills, and experience required to finish the project in time without shortcuts or compromise in quality and durability. […]

Benefits of Hiring a Pro for Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Omaha, NE.

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If your kitchen cabinets are looking a little tired and dated but still in a good physical condition, you don’t have to replace them. A fresh coat of paint can restore the looks of your kitchen cabinets and offer an added layer of protection against […]