Should You Refinish Or Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets?

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Should You Refinish Or Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Your kitchen cabinets make a big part of your kitchen. This is where you keep your utensils and pretty much everything in the kitchen. They have to be made from a good quality finish material that will be able to withstand everything that happens in the kitchen; the heat, and the water, carrying all sorts of utensils and pans as well as groceries and food.

Before you make a decision of refinishing or replacing your kitchen cabinets, there are a few things that you must put into consideration. Here is a quick look at each option.

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets.

If your cabinets are still in good physical condition, you could consider refinishing them. There are several advantages of refinishing wooden cabinets.

• You will save a lot by refinishing your cabinets rather than replacing them. By choosing to refinish your wooden cabinets, you will realize savings of up to half the cost of replacing them with new cabinets.

• Cabinet refinishing or refacing can be a brilliant idea. This is not only a good way to save but also a great way to give your kitchen a breath of fresh air. Your kitchen layout will remain the same, you have a choice of using different colors other than the existing ones to give the kitchen a different brand new look.

• There are different ways you can refinish your kitchen cabinets. Painting is one of the most common ways that homeowners go with. This is because painting the already existing cabinets is way cheaper than replacing them. Choose the colors that suit your kitchen and colors that work well with the rest of your house. This is a great way to make good savings while making the cabinets look new and better.

• Many homeowners often decide to change the doors and fronts while keeping the old cabinets. If you have what it takes, it’s possible to save costs and labor by doing the refinishing yourself, but chances are you won’t get that professional finish that you really desire.

• Some granites may be re-used again if they had been installed before. You will not have to remove the granite countertops, after all, this will make your work so much easier. You will simply replace the cabinet doors and veneers, and paint the cabinets with the colors of your choice.

Replacing Kitchen Cabinets.

If your kitchen cabinets are not made of wood or they’re severely dented, then you will have to replace them. The good thing about replacing your cabinets is that you can change everything about them completely, starting with the layout to the materials that you will use and everything else.

You may change the layout if the one that is already in existence does not work for you, you can choose a different one and implement it. This will give your kitchen a new look, a more customized look.

Replacing your cabinets will cost you a lot more than refinishing the cabinet, but you will get to choose the quality of the materials used. You will also be able to choose the design that best suits your kitchen and one that you like. This is one way of transforming your kitchen into a space that you will enjoy spending your time while making your meals.

You can opt for modern designs or old school designs for your kitchen, whatever choice you make is entirely up to you. This is the best part especially if you never liked your old cabinets.

Although replacing your kitchen cabinets can be costly, you don’t have to do it all at once. You can replace the cabinets slowly at your own convenient time. You can buy the materials that you will need slowly and when you have bought everything that is needed, you can have the job done and completed all at once.

If planned well, a replacement of kitchen cabinets can be done without spending too much. You can budget and make an estimate before you start purchasing the materials that will be needed for the cabinets, however, homeowners are in most cases advised opting for refinishing their kitchen cabinets rather than replacing the whole units.

If you want to leave refinishing to the pros, schedule an estimate and your kitchen will be looking better in no time!