Residential Interior Trim Best Paint Color Options

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Sometimes you don’t necessarily have to repaint the entire interior of your home to make a statement. A fresh coat of paint on the trim may be all you need. The trim is one of those little things that make a huge difference when it comes to interior painting and design. Interior trim frames all the design and décor elements and gives your interior an outline that unifies your space. 

While most homeowners in Omaha, NE default to white for their interior trim, you don’t have to shy away from introducing some color to it. In this article, we share some interior color tips for creating a modern home interior. Have a look;

Neutral-Colored Trim

Neutral color shades for the trim tend to add a simple yet sophisticated appeal to any interior. Neutrals blend with pretty much any other interior color, but they come out great when paired with more modern furnishings that add character and warmth to the mix. If you have a colored ceiling, a neutral trim with help to tone the color down a little. 

Some of the most common neutral trim colors include black, gray, dark grey, brown, cream, beige, light gray, etc. Black, for instance, frames your interior very distinctively and doesn’t clash with other colors. If you use black for the trim, make sure the walls are not in a dark color. 

Bold-Colored Trim

The trim is a relatively small feature in your home’s interior, so painting it in a bold color will add a pop of excitement without overwhelming your space. Something like lemon, yellow, sky blue or pink will add personality to your interior without too much drama. A bold-colored trim is an excellent option if you want a quirky, eclectic or unique look, or you want to add a new shade without going all-in on the walls. 

White-colored Trim

White is the most popular trim paint color that adds a classic look to any interior and matches with pretty much anything. If you have pastel, neutral, or soft color on the walls, a white trim will create a subtle contrast in your interior. If your interior wall is bold or intense, a white trim will tone the look down and lighten your interior space. 

For neutral-colored walls, a white trim will highlight the surrounding undertones so that your walls don’t look featureless. Can’t seem to make up your mind on the best color for your trim? White won’t let you down –it’s a timeless classic favorite for many homeowners and interior designers. 

So if you want to break up bold walls or ceilings, highlight the subtle undertone of neutral walls, or leave the attention to interesting furnishings.

Trim In the Same Color as the Walls

Painting the interior trim in the same color as the walls is a common technique used for painting small rooms. This technique makes the room appear larger while adding a more modern, unified look to it. When using this technique, choose a glosser paint sheen for the trim to make it stand out even as it matches the walls. 

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