How much does interior painting cost?

Below you will see the break down of how we price our home interior painting projects so you can get a good estimate of how much your project will cost.
(*includes labor & paint. Price is figured for 8′ high ceilings, price for different sized ceilings is below chart)

Interior Pricing

Wall SurfacePer sq ft$1.752 coats
Ceiling SurfacePer sq ft$22 coats
BaseboardsPer ft$5.503 coats
Crown MoldingPer ft$6.503 coats
DoorPer door$1903 coats
Door CasingPer side$1003 coats
WindowPer opening$2203 coats

Prices for specific room sizes:

Small Room 10 x 12

Wall Surface352 sq ft$5702 coats
Ceiling Surface120 sq ft$1802 coats
Baseboards44 ft$2303 coats
Crown Molding44 ft$2803 coats

Medium Room 12 x 15

*Wall Surface432 Sq ft $7002 coats
Ceiling180 Sq ft$2752 coats
Baseboards54 Ln ft$2853 coats
Crown Molding54 Ln ft$3423 coats

Large Room 18X15

*Wall Surface528 Sq ft$8602 coats
Ceiling180 Sq ft$2752 coats
Baseboards66 Ln ft$3503 coats
Crown Molding66 Ln ft$4203 coats

If you have 10′ high ceilings, add 25%.
If you have 12′ high ceilings, add 50%.
If you have 14′ high ceilings, add 75%.
All prices include labor and paint.

*Price includes two coats for walls
*Price includes moving furniture to the middle of the room
*Additional cost if we are painting the woodwork and not the walls
*Additional cost for accent walls

Ways to get cost down.
If all the furniture is out of the room
If we go back to the same color we will only have to paint one coat.