Painting For The Holidays

painting for the holidays
With Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, so too are visits by friends and family. Is your home ready? If not, don’t panic. You can make Your home feel and look more energized with a new paint job. Painting gives the entire room a brand-new look with just the right amount of ambiance thrown into the mix

Adding a fresh interior paint color scheme is a wonderful way to beautify a home quickly. And with many weekends left before your guests arrive, you have enough time to do so.

If you are one of the many who will be painting in anticipation of the holidays, here are some tips:

  • To get the best return on your investment, concentrate on painting the rooms where your family and friends will spend the most time.
  • Freshen up your woodwork with either paint or just a basic refinish of the lacquer
  • If the rooms where you entertain are large, think about painting just one “accent wall” in each; this will give the rooms a new look for the holidays, and you if want, you can paint the other walls later on.
  • Consider painting your kitchen Cabinets it will give an added wow factor
  • Consider repainting your front door to help create a better first impression of your home. For the same reason, consider painting your entryway as well.
  • Wherever you paint, make sure top quality paint is being used – and favor satin or eggshell sheen that way If your holiday guests get reckless with food and drink, your new paint finish will be easy to clean.

While it’s true that pre-holiday painting adds another item to your to-do list, when your company arrives, you’ll be glad that you made the effort. And when the holidays are over, you’ll still be able to celebrate the beautiful new look of your home! Be sure to schedule a painting estimate today!