Paint vs. Wallpaper: Which is Better?

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Updating your wall coverings is an easy and convenient way to change and dramatically transform your space. Even a dull room can instantly become brighter and airy with a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper.

Painting or wallpapering can also make a room that feels too big to feel cozier with the addition of a darker wallpaper with some striking patterns. Choosing between paint and wallpaper may be determined by several factors such as budget, the location of the room you intend to decorate as well as how often you may want to re-decorate.

Paint Vs. Wallpaper

Both wallpaper and paint come in unlimited colors and varieties, making it easy for you to achieve your desired color scheme or finish. Paints are available in different sheens and glosses while you can get wallpaper in vinyl or paper surfaces allowing you to choose the most appropriate finish for your home. Wallpaper is quite durable, but it can peel off from the walls in rooms with high moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms.

On the other hand, paint is a good option for rooms that need easy and inexpensive application. Some high-quality paints like the semi-gloss or high gloss paints are more durable and best for interior painting. Whether you decide to paint your home or do some wallpapering, here are a few factors to consider.


If you are on a tight budget, then painting your rooms will generally be cheaper compared to wallpapering although wallpaper is more durable. However, if you often decorate your home, then the lifespan of your wall coverings may not be a major issue, although cheaper options may not stand the test of time. Cheap paints tend to have a lower opacity thus three or more coats may be required for a high-quality paint job which is not cost-effective.

For exterior or interior painting, choose high-quality paint which will not only help you achieve the desired finish but it will also last longer. Choosing cheap wallpaper is not cost-effective either as it tends to be thin, making it more prone to wear and tear. Good quality wallpaper can be able to cover any defects on your walls which eliminates the need to re-plaster.

Choice of Wallpaper

Recent developments in digital technology have made the creation of custom images on wallpaper possible with a wide variety of patterns, shades, and textures to choose from. You can be able to choose different patterns to boost the appearance of any room. Such patterns include vertical stripes that can make your ceilings appear higher or horizontal stripes that will make your rooms look wider.

Paint is ideal for those looking for the perfect shade as most paint brands will allow you to mix the most appropriate shade depending on your desired color scheme. It is much harder to achieve this with wallpaper. Another major benefit of paint is that it allows you to paint over a mistake should you get it wrong which is not easy with wallpaper.


One disadvantage of paint is that it chips easily over time hence you will be required to touch up the surface every once in a while especially in areas with high moisture levels. Experts recommend painting every 3 to 5 years and more frequently in rooms experiencing high traffic.

There are some high-quality paints that can allow you to scrub stubborn stains without the need to re-paint the wall but the finish tends to be rough and may not be visually appealing. Modern wallpaper can also be able to stand up to constant wear and tear and is much more durable and easy to clean. But this option is best suited for rooms with less moisture and human traffic such as bedrooms and dining rooms. Wipe clean vinyl wallpapers are the most ideal for homes with small children or pets.

The Bottom Line

Both interior painting and the use of wallpaper will give your home in Omaha, NE a decent visual appeal which makes your home decorating project even more exciting. Wallpaper installation upfront costs and materials are much more expensive compared to paint. Painting generally has lower upfront costs depending on the desired finish which makes painting a much more preferred choice among most homeowners.

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