What is the price to paint the walls & ceiling in your room?

Beautifully painted ceiling

Price of the project is one of the main factors when we are asked to give a quote on a project.

The following is the cost / price to paint walls and ceilings in a room, the process to paint the room and other factors that could increase or decrease the cost of painting the walls and ceilings.

The ceiling painting includes:

  • Protect floor with drop cloths.
  • Covering furniture with plastic.
  • Washing walls if needed.
  • Pole sand walls before first coat of paint.
  • Dusting off and or vacuum walls.
  • Repairing minor imperfections as needed.
  • Caulking as needed with paintable quality latex caulk.
  • Applying one coat of quality latex wall paint.
  • Waiting for adequate dry time
  • Pole sand walls for a smoother finish.
  • Applying the second coat of a good quality latex wall paint.
  • Cleaning up

Factors that could increase or decrease the cost of the ceiling or wall painting process:

• extremely dirty or nicotine stained walls.
• damaged walls or cracked walls with imperfections needing repair.
• damaged or failed drywall tape.
• some damaged textured ceilings
• wallpaper or wall border removal
• remaining remnants or wallpaper of previous wallpaper removal
• ceilings above 8 ft
• if we move furniture or there is a lot of furniture for us to work around.

How can you help reduce the cost?

• if the rooms are empty for us
• if only one coat of paint is needed especially if we are just freshening things up

The cost of painting walls  2 coats and ceilings 1 coat in a room with 9 ft ceilings:

$ 550.00 12 foot x 10-foot room :
$ 705.00 12 foot x 14-foot room:
$ 950.00 14 foot x 20-foot room:

At Brush & Roll Painting, we know that you have a lot of choices and we don’t take that lightly. We do agree the price does matter but in our industry,  I will caution you to not make price your only consideration. I will be talking about a lot of different things you should take into consideration on future posts. At Brush & Roll, we believe that the paint is only as good as the prep, and most of all we want our customers to have a great experience.