Kitchen Cabinet Painting, Omaha, NE: Critical Steps to Consider

Kitchen Cabinet Painting, Omaha, NE: Critical Steps to Consider

There’s no easier or more cost-effective way to update your kitchen’s style in Omaha, NE than by giving the cabinets a fresh coat of paint.

Before painting your cabinets, you first need to decide whether to use oil-based or water-based latex paint and primer.

If your cabinets were previously painted with water-based latex paint—often labeled latex enamel—stick with that; you can use latex over oil, but oil won’t adhere well over latex.

Of course, that also makes latex a safe bet if you don’t know which type the old paint is. Either type of paint will work over a clear finish.

For a high-quality, durable, and flawless paint job, we always recommend hiring a painting contractor like Brush & Roll Painting.

However, if you have a relatively small project and want to give DIY a try, here are critical steps to keep in mind;

  • Remove All Contents From Cupboards And Drawers.

Store them away from your job site to protect them from damage and paint stains. Also, remove furniture from the room or at least far enough away from your work area. That will keep your things clean.

  • Remove Cabinet Doors and Drawers

Remove the cabinet drawers and doors, as well as latches, knobs and additions from the cabinet parts. Label each part for ease of re-assembling.

  • Fill Holes or Cracks with Putty and Wood Finish

This will give a clean and smooth look to your cabinets.

You should also fill the spaces left by the old hinges. Let the putty dry and sand it with sandpaper.

  • Cover Worktops, Walls, And Floor With Plastic Or Fabric Covers.

This will protect the rest of the house from any splashes of paint.

  • Clean The Cabinets Thoroughly And Let Them Dry Well.

Over time, cabinets can be saturated with smoke, grease, and other deposits. You should carefully remove all this by using a degreasing detergent before painting them.

After cleaning, apply a stripper to remove all residues.

  • Paint Your Cabinets

Now it’s time to repaint your cabinets, but first, you need to apply a primer. Use a good-quality 3-inch brush to apply an even coat of primer-sealer to all surfaces to ensure a well-bonded finish coat.

Primer-sealers also reduce the need to sand and deglaze old finishes before repainting.

Apply a coat of paint to all the primed surfaces, finishing up with top-to-bottom strokes along the grain.

When the paint dries, usually in about four hours, apply a second coat. Now you are ready to reinstall doors and drawers and enjoy your renewed kitchen.

The bottom Line

As you may already tell, this process is a little oversimplified –it can be lengthy and quite complicated depending on the size of your project and the condition of your cabinets.

Also, if you don’t have the skills or experience, we suggest that you give a professional painting company like Brush & Roll Painting a try.

We provide high-quality and durable interior painting, kitchen cabinet repaint, furniture re-finish, and wood finishing services.

If you would rather hire a professional to help you with cabinet and furniture refinishing in Omaha, NE, our team at Brush & Roll Painting can help.

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