Interior Painting Omaha, NE: What to Consider When Choosing Wall Colors

Interior paint color tips

Interior Painting Omaha, NE: What to Consider When Choosing Wall Colors

Considering interior painting in Omaha, Nebraska? Choosing home interior paint color is one of the most exciting and yet overwhelming tasks you will face. Choosing the right paint color can boost the aesthetic appeal, and by extension, the value of your property.

If you’re considering selling your home any time soon, choosing widely appealing colors can help you sell it quickly at a higher price. If you’re having trouble settling on the best colors for your home interior, below are some considerations and insights to jog up your imaginations. Have a look;

1.   Get Inspired By The Colors In The Prints

The print fabric is one of the best sources of color inspirations. Throw pillows, bedding, and even table linens can provide you with paint color ideas because they already have the colors that you love. If you’re developing a dramatic accent wall, choose the boldest color in print.

Want to create a subtle look in your living room? Pick the color in the small details of your fabric. When picking the colors at the paint store, consider taking a fabric swatch and view the color in context at home before committing.

2.   Get Inspired By the Artwork

Just like the fabric print, you can draw color inspiration from dominant artwork and décor items in your home. Most artists have mastered the art of using color and light to create interesting color schemes. If any color in the artwork catches your attention, consider incorporating it in your interior color palette too. You can also choose complementary colors from the same work of art.

3.   Try a Lighter or Darker Shade

If you love the current interior color but still want something new, you don’t necessarily have to abandon it. For a slight variation, consider a lighter or darker shade of the same color. Many paint strips arrange colors in gradual shades that can guide you. Also, you can ask the paint store to customize the paint color for you by either making it lighter or darker by percentages.

4.   Sample Paint Colors Before Committing

Interior painting can be a major commitment, especially if you’re painting the entire interior. You don’t want to be stuck for years with a color that is not ‘quite right’. Always sample any paint color you’re considering.

Paint color applied on the wall can sometimes look a little different from what you saw on the color strip. That is especially if you don’t have experience and a keen eye for color. Request the paint store to do a fabric swatch for you or get some samples and try them on a small part of the wall before committing.

5.   Choose The Right Sheen

Paint sheen is the shininess that the paint gives off after it has been applied to a surface. The general rule of thumb is, the shinier the paint, the darker the paint color. Glossier paints often give off an uncomfortable glare when applied in brighter colors.

Also, glossier paints are generally easier to clean, and they can withstand scrubbing and regular washing. The only downside is they’re not good at hiding dirt and surface imperfections. Glossier paints are best suited for the bathroom and kitchen. On the other hand, the lower sheen paints don’t hold up to regular washing and may be suitable for low-traffic areas such as the bedroom.

The Bottom Line

When choosing a paint color, consider drawing inspiration from your favorite colors and other surrounding colors. Before committing to particular paint color, always test it first and keep the paint sheen in mind while at it.

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