Interior Painting Omaha, NE: Paint Color Ideas

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Interior Painting Omaha, NE: Paint Color Ideas 

Choosing interior paint colors for your home in Omaha, NE, can be a little overwhelming. While it’s an opportunity to refresh your interior and make it lively, choosing the wrong color can make your space look odd and confusing. 

In this article, we share some tips and insights on interior paint colors to help you make the best decision. Have a look. 

The kitchen

The kitchen is probably the most popular room in your home after the living room. Studies have shown that if you want a family that has a healthy appetite, a deep red is the best choice. 

Red has been proven to encourage hunger and is even used by restaurants for this very reason. Yellow or orange are also excellent choices as these colors are synonymous with freshness, attention, and enthusiasm. 

The child’s room

Neutral gender colors are the best choice in kids’ rooms. Choose pale yellows or greens, which are soft and soothing. This kind of color palette will help your child feel safe and secure in their own space. For a game room, bright colors such as red, yellow, and orange also have a very energizing and stimulating effect on the mood.

The bathroom

Blue always wins in bathrooms. You cannot go wrong with a classic. A cerulean mixed with a deeper blue can turn the bathroom into a luxury paradise. Pink, which is a soothing color, and green, which is refreshing, are quite suitable for a bathroom as well.

The main bedroom

Sometimes, in our complex world, a little minimalism can be an asset. A simple, smooth, and soothing white can make your alarm clock a joyful, welcoming, and bright experience. 

Studies also suggest that the blue color has a very soothing effect on the mind, decreases blood pressure, slows down breathing and heart rate, and promotes better sleep.

6 Neutral Colors That Work in Any Room


A timeless classic, beige remains a favorite for any room. The major advantage of beige is that it matches pretty well with any color of the furniture and textiles. Wooden furniture in different shades, colorful white cushions or vibrant colors, and monochrome sofa covers, all go well with beige.

Light yellow

Although many people are not naturally comfortable with yellow, it is a beautiful color that suits any room in the house. The bright yellow in the kitchen and living room will provide a cozy feel and a warm ambiance. The soft yellow shades bring positive energy into any other room.

Light pink

Harmonizing pink with other colors is a delicate balancing act, but the right combination of shades of pink can refresh the appearance of your living spaces. 

Apple green

Apple green has become a favorite to many homeowners. This is the new neutral hue that is gaining popularity. The apple green harmonizes well with the off-white. It matches well with dark wood furniture or dark floors.

Beach Blue 

Beach blue is a light shade of the blue family, which is quickly becoming popular again. This light color evokes the summer memories as it illuminates your rooms. Pastel blues are great in porches or lunch corners.

Off Orange

We are talking about the lightest shade of orange. Orange blends with most wooden furniture. You can combine it with other darker shades of orange, which will make your space warmer and more welcoming.

When choosing a paint color, consider drawing inspiration from your favorite colors and other surrounding colors. Before committing to a particular paint color, always test it first and keep the paint sheen in mind while at it.

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