How Important is the Paint?

The Paint Quality Matters

Do you live in a newer home, and are you having trouble washing your walls? I look at so many homes every year that have a low-quality paint on the walls. They don’t touch up well, and cleaning them? Not a chance! I regularly get asked if the quality of paint really matters? Yes, it does! On the low end, cheap paint will cost up to 10% of the bid, good paint will be 15% to 20%. So from a cost perspective, the majority of what you pay is in the labor, so it only makes sense to purchase the finest paint on the market.paint quality matters

Why do builders use cheap paint?

The cheaper paints are flat so you won’t see all the blemishes in the walls. A portion of builders hire painters on price and a number of painting contractors use the cheapest thing they can get their hands on so they can pocket more money. Cheap paint prices will fall $15 to $20 per gallon, while average paint will fall $20 to $30 per gallon. However, a good grade paint will fall $30 to $40 per gallon, and premium paint will be $40 dollars on up.

What to look for

When I am preparing an estimate, there are competitors that have given my client a price, but it doesn’t tell what kind of paint they are applying. I find it deceiving when the bid they give my customer simply states, “Paint your home using Sherwin-Williams paint.” You see, the trouble with this is, not only does Sherwin-Williams sells an excellent line of paint, but they also sell cheap builders paint. So just because they say they are using Sherwin-Williams, does not mean they are using good paint. If you are receiving a bid from a painting contractor and they don’t specify the exact paint that they are using, then you can almost be certain they will use a lower quality paint on your home.

A reliable painting estimate would be worded as follows:  Paint your home two coats using Sherwin-Williams Cashmere interior paint. I am not opposed to the estimate quoting a cheaper paint as long as the client sees what they are getting. I do strongly recommend a good or premium paint for your home. Using the best quality paint will make it easier to clean your walls and also touch the walls up. My recommendation for a good interior wall paint is Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec Interior. My recommendation for a premium wall paint is Benjamin Moore Aura. What I love about this paint is the washability and the way it touches up even years after it has been painted. This is what I have used in our home, and with four kiddos, boy, am I glad I did!