Five Biggest Living Room Painting/ Decorating Mistakes

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Your living room is probably the most social and open space in your house, which is why it should be beautifully and appropriately styled. When decorating or repainting your living room, there’s an endless number of mistakes you do, from using too many pertains and wrong colors to making the room feel cramped and uncomfortable.

In this article, we will be sharing five of the biggest and most common mistakes many homeowners in Omaha, Nebraska make repeatedly. While at it, why not seek the help of experts to save yourself time, money and frustration while painting/decorating your living room? As you ponder on that, here are the five mistakes to look out for when having your living room painted/decorated.

Choosing the Wrong Colors

This is probably the biggest mistake many homeowners and some decorators make. This often happens as a result of only basing the choice of color on color chips. You pick out a color from the strip at the store and place your order. But when you finally paint it on your walls, it doesn’t look the same as what you picked.

To avoid this, request the paint store to mix a small sample of your color of choice and go try it on a small area before making a full commitment. Additionally, picking a color that doesn’t coordinate or clashes with the rest of the materials in the room is a quickly noticeable mistake.

Following Trends

There is nothing inherently wrong with following trends, in fact, by all means, please make sure that your repainting and decorating ideas are updated. However, many homeowners attempt to follow too many trends and end up ruining a perfect living room. Adhering to too many trends, dates your room, and you might have to do extensive and expensive redecoration every time a major trend fall out of favor.

To avoid this, accessorize using small, inexpensive items, which you can easily get rid of when the trend changes. For the wall paint, neutral colors are always a safer bet because many of them are timeless and blend easily into other colors and styles.

Bulky Overhead Lighting

This often makes the ceilings to appear lower than they are and the rooms to look heavier, so unless this effect is what you’re trying to achieve, we suggest that you avoid them. If you want to create a sense of lightness and roominess, stay away from heavy fixtures. Install light fixtures with open designs and slim lines instead.

Going for the Showroom Look

By “showroom look” I mean a living room that looks like everything was bought from the same place; furniture, decorations, fixtures and so on. You can generate some character and interest by adding in a mix of elements to create a personalized and somewhat eclectic space. Shop at different places and leave some room in your budget for unique accessories, textiles and lighting fixtures.

Trying to Make Everything Match

While we’re not advocating that you go wild with colors and textures, trying to make everything in your living room to match can make the room look uninteresting and featureless. Simply work with a disciplined color pallet to include just enough contrast, accent, and coordination where necessary. You can use an accent wall or throw in a vintage object for a sophisticated and contrasting style.

The Bottom Line

Repainting and decorating the living room can be quite intimidating and tricky, but if you avoid the above most common mistakes, you should be on your way to a beautiful looking interior.

But as earlier mentioned, if decorating, design and painting are not your strengths, you should consider hiring professionals like Brush & Roll Painting for your home interior painting needs. To get started, simply book a free estimate below or give us a call 402-932-9764 for more details.