Can the winter months be a good time for interior painting?

When is a good time to paint my interior walls?

It isn’t unusual for us to get asked, “When is a good time to paint my interior walls? Should I wait until the spring so I can crack open my windows?”

Winter is a great time to paint!

The beauty of many high-end paints today, is the care and research that goes in to lowering the VOC (amount of fumes released, causing an offensive odor) and making them more environmentally safe.  Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec or Benjamin Moore Aura are a couple of our favorite choices for interior paints.  If you’ve lived in Omaha, Nebraska for any of our winters, you know how low our temperatures can drop, so these Zero Voc wall paints are great options during the cold months when you can’t crack your window open or get a good cross breeze.

Winter’s snow and cold may put a damper on a lot of other remodeling activity, but not interior painting. In fact, “snow days” are a great time to paint.

interior painting in Omaha, NE

Winter light – a painter’s helper

Good light is essential when doing interior painting. It not only makes the project more pleasant, but it can speed the work by allowing painters to clearly see painted from unpainted areas and minimizing ‘misses’ where the light is inadequate.

That’s part of the appeal of painting in winter: The light is often prolific. A sunny, snow-covered landscape throws off extremely good reflected light that brightens all but the darkest areas. Even when there is no snow, very cold days are almost always clear and sun-filled, so they’re perfect for painting.

Anytime my wife, Tia and I are painting in our home, winter is the time we do it. I can’t think of a better way to get this year started. Freshen up your interior before spring gets here. Get ahead of all of those spring and summer projects by getting your walls painted by the professionals at Brush & Roll Painting. Let us be YOUR painter in 2018!

Bill Carlson