Top 5 Cabinet Painting Color Trends 2018

Cabinet Painting Color Trends

When it comes to your kitchen, the cabinetry plays a huge role in the look and feel of the space. So how do you choose what design and colors to go with when you’re ready to update? Of course you want something current, but you still want it to truly reflect your sense of style. Gone are the days when kitchen cabinets were decorated with single plain colors. People are now comfortable trying out different color choices to match their preferences and personalities. Here are some of the popular cabinet painting color trends for 2018:

1. Two-tone Colors

The two-tone color style involves pairing two contrasting color schemes. According to color trend forecast, two-tone colors is the most preferred kitchen cabinet color trend in 2018. It involves combining two colors in a way such that the overhead cabinets have different colors from the base cabinets, or having the island a different color than the rest of the cabinets in the space. This combination helps to expand the depth and dimension in the kitchen. Another combination involves pairing earth-inspired colors with strong neutral colors. A combination of dark colors and warm tones blends well. For example, you can pair up a charcoal gray hue with mustard yellow. Don’t be afraid to go with something bold!

2. Warm Shades of Gray

There is no doubt that the gray color is stamping its authority in the interior design scene as the most preferred neutral color scheme. Its impact on the space cannot go unnoticed, which explains why walls, furnishings, and lighting fixtures are sporting this color. The kitchen is no exception. Homeowners are now opting to decorate their kitchen cabinets with gray color. White can be monotonous to some, and that’s why gray seems to be the best alternative. It takes the strong characteristics of white color while at the same time overlook the boring aspects that white color can be known for. A gray color hue is capable of retaining the brightness of white color scheme while creating a casual and comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen.

3. Navy Blue

Navy blue or dark blue is ranked among the popular cabinet trend in 2018. Although it may seem to be out of place because of its suppressant effect, a good number of homeowners like it. Navy blue kitchen cabinets tend to announce their presence without being overwhelming. It also brings classy and refreshing effects in the kitchen. Navy blue pairs nicely with light shades of gray.

4. Greige

Greige has a bit of a funny ring to it, but is, just as it sounds, a combination of two colors – gray and beige. It is gaining popularity as a preferred neutral kitchen cabinet color. Greige is a safe choice because it is not too formal nor too casual. It is neutral and can be paired up with many different schemes. Despite having a subdued appeal, greige is capable of injecting elements of sophistication in the kitchen. Greige is quite flexible. It can be easily adjusted to different values depending on what you want to achieve. For instance, you can increase the gray tone to bring a cooling effect or increase the beige color to create a warm effect.

5. Warm Natural Colors

If the new neutral colors have not won your heart, you can consider trying out nature-inspired color tones. Using the warm, natural colors on the cabinets will give the kitchen a welcoming feel. The tones also bring an element of calmness in the kitchen. Trendy warm, nature-inspired tones that you should consider using include copper, henna, gold, ginger, apricot, terra cotta, clay, and mustard.

So how do you choose the best colors for your kitchen?

Our focus at Brush & Roll Painting is to give kitchen cabinets a finish that is not only pleasing to the eye, but durable as well. We help you choose the right colors for your cabinets and ensure that the finish can hold up for years to come. We work with some amazing designers in the Omaha area to ensure we can deliver a finished product that will leave your friends and family in awe of your updated space.