Benefits of Using High Gloss Paint in Your Interiors

When planning for an interior home painting in Omaha, Nebraska, you have quite a number of decisions to make before the brush meets the wall. For many homeowners, finding a local professional painting contractor in Omaha and choosing paint colors are the biggest concerns. However, not many homeowners or DIY painters consider paint sheen in the planning phase.

Paint is available in a wide range of finishes/sheens –ranging from the flats to the shiny high-gloss. You will find eggshell, satin and semi-gloss finishes in between these extremes. These different finishes come with their own unique properties and depending on the surface and space to be painted, one might be suitable over another.

If you go to your local paint store, you might find the shiniest paint sheen simply labeled as “gloss” and one step down you will find “semi-gloss.” While not every interior painting project calls for high-gloss paint, there’re various advantages that come with using high-gloss finishes. Here is a quick look at a few of them:

Bright Sheen

A glossy paint finish offers a much brighter and bolder look compared to the same color shade in low-gloss. Glossy paints reflect more light and make the paint color seem brighter and more vivid. A higher gloss sheen in darker colors such as dark brown will make the space look brighter and larger, while the same color in a flat finish tends to absorb light and makes the room to feel darker.


Due to its high sheen, high gloss paint generally draws attention to the surface that is painted, which makes it a perfect candidate for decorating molding, as well as the trim around the doors and windows.

Many home interior designers leverage the reflective quality of high gloss paint for decorative purposes. You can also create special effects and subtle glamour by painting alternating strips and patterns of matte and high-gloss paint in the same color. However, when misplaced –such as using it on a surface that receives too much natural light –the glare might be overwhelming.


Of all the paint finishes, high-gloss is the most durable. Once the high-gloss paint dries it forms a hard, shell-like finish which cannot be easily abraded. It resists bumps, nicks, and scrapes from moving items like furniture and even pets. For this reason, you will find this finish commonly used in high traffic areas such as entryways, halls, stairs, and floors. You can also safely give the painted surface a light wiping without the risk of abrading the paint away.


High gloss interior paint tends to be highly water-resistant. While the shiny finish might show fingerprints and surface imperfections, it doesn’t absorb oils and dirt like the less glossy paints. You can clean surfaces painted in high-gloss using a damp cloth without the risk of damaging the paint job.

The paint can hold up well even in spaces that experience exposure to high moisture such as kitchen wall, kitchen cabinets, laundry rooms, and even bathrooms. Using flat paint in these areas will most likely show water spots, discoloration and even allow mold growth when left wet for too long.

The Bottom Line

Interior painting is an important part of maintaining and protecting your investment, and the choice of the paint is as important as the quality of the paint job. Apart from choosing your best color, you need to consider the right finish. High gloss is ideal for most interior spaces, especially high traffic areas such as entryways, kitchens and on kitchen cabinets.

To top it all up, once you pick your favorite paint color and an appropriate finish, consider hiring a professional painting contractor such as Brush & Roll Painting for a quality and durable interior paint job. With more than 20 years in business, Brush & Roll Painting is one of Omaha’s most experienced residential painting contractors. Book a free estimate below or give us a call to get started.