8 Tips for Choosing a Color For Your Interior Painting Project in Omaha, NE

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8 Tips for Choosing a Color For Your Interior Painting Project in Omaha, NE

When doing an interior decorating project, at some point you will need to make color choices for the paint and so here are eight tips for choosing a color for your interior painting project in Omaha, NE.

If you think about it, there are only a handful of primary colors from which all other colors are made.

The question then comes to a person choosing paints for the interior of their home whether they are doing it for the first time or if they are redoing their home interior.

The effect of different colors cannot be understated — we as people have a response to the colors that surround us.

You will find your task considerably easier if you take into consideration these eight tips for choosing a color for your interior painting project in Omaha, NE.

1. Get Inspiration From Your Artwork

Whether you have a beautiful purple vase inherited from your grandfather or a painting of flamingos, you found at a garage sale down the block, the art in your home can inspire the paint colors that you choose for your walls.

Art can come from around the world or it might even come from the creative classes that you or your children take while at school or even evening classes.

You can look at a piece of art and take the inspiration for a primary color for your wall or perhaps an accent based on the artwork.

2.What Is Your Room’s Mood?

Every room has a certain mood to it, and the color or colors that you choose for the room will impact that mood.

For a bedroom, for example, you will not want to choose colors full of energy and pep because that’s where you will be relaxing there after a long day.

A living room will similarly want more calm and serene tones, perhaps a choice of a neutral tone for a calmer vibe.

3.What Is The Light?

The colors you choose for your room will look different in the paint store than they do at home once you are in the room of your choice.

A color that looks good under bright lights might look entirely different if you have a room that is dimly lit even in the middle of the day.

4. Mix It Up With Neutral

A neutral paint choice for your wall doesn’t have to mean that your room is dull or uninspired.

If you contrast a radically different ceiling in that same room, you will really spice things up.

Just for example, if you have gray walls but then you have striped pink ceilings, it is still quite exciting!

5.The Great Outdoors For Inspiration

Some of the best inspirations for your indoor paint choices might grow outside your window.

There are so very many shades of green out there, just to start — and many more beyond green that can bring color to your home.

6.Staying The Same But Light Or Darker

Sometimes when you are repainting a room or living space, you don’t even have to radically change the color of the room.

Look at the existing color of the room and when you are picking out your new color, look up and down the color spectrum to change the existing color by just a little bit.

It can be subtle and not look that different to you when you are starting the project, but you will see when you are finished that the room is just that much different.

7. Go Small Before You Go Big

If you can, take a piece of poster-board or cardboard if that’s simple and paint it the proposed paint color that you have chosen.

Alternatively, you can take that cardboard and paint it a few different colors.

Hang the poster-board or cardboard on the wall and see how it looks as it will give you an idea if that color will work in the room.

8.Consider The Impact On The Other Rooms

When you are considering the color or colors that you will use when you are painting a room, think about the impact that will be when you go from your newly painted rooms to the adjacent rooms.

Sometimes a room will look good on its own with a certain color, but when you take that same color and then walk into another room, the contrast may not be as good.

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