7 Tricks For Cleaning Your Home Exterior in Omaha, NE

2020-10-03 Brush and Roll Painting Omaha NE Cleaning Home Exterior

7 Tricks For Cleaning Your Home Exterior in Omaha, NE

When you own a home, one thing you typically have to think about at least a few times during the year is the cleaning of the home exterior.

Of course, there is a lot to cleaning a good home exterior — if you don’t go into it having a good plan and some knowledge of what you are doing.

With that being the case, here are seven tricks for cleaning your home exterior in Omaha, NE.

1. Be Especially Careful With Mold

Though you are of course correct to point out that there is no kind of dirt that is good to have on the exterior of your home, mold and even mildew are particularly bad and should be removed as soon as you see it.

This is the case for a couple of reasons, one being that the very presence of mold and mildew can be quite detrimental for your respiratory system and can cause a number of long term illnesses.

Moreover, the very presence of mold on the surface of your exterior paint work can damage it and strip it away as the mold can sometimes feed upon the paint and therefore cause substantial damage to it.

2. Get Vinyl Siding Clean With A Long Handle Brush

Though some people will look at a house with vinyl siding and decide that it’s one of the more difficult things to be cleaned, this is not the case.

Indeed, you can clean the exterior of your vinyl siding covered home with just a long handled brush and some soapy water.

The upside of using such a methodology is that it will get the job done, albeit in a manner that may be a bit more lengthy in time than other methods.

The downside, on the other hand, is that it can be fairly exhausting and more strenuous than other ways of cleaning.

3. Resolve Oil Leak Sources Before Cleaning Oil Leaks

When you find yourself dealing with an oil leak, you may want to take care of the leak right away because it’s something that needs to be cleaned.

You would be better off finding the source of the leak before you start cleaning for one particular reason.

Specifically, if you clean the leak before you find the source, you’re just going to find yourself dealing with another leak and then another leak until the source is fixed.

4. Do Not Stand Too Close With A Pressure Washer

When you use a pressure washer, you can be assured that you will do a good job… as long as you know what you are doing and are careful with it.

If you, for example, stand too close to the surface being washed, you can easily do some serious damage to it.

Be mindful of the instructions that come with the pressure washer so that you do not make your home exterior worse inadvertently.

5. Wash From Top To Bottom

In the process of washing your home, you should wash it from top to bottom rather than bottom to top.

When you wash from the bottom to the top, you risk bringing along the dirt from the top to go to the bottom, making it dirty all over again.

Washing from top to bottom, on the other hand, will better allow the house to be cleaned.

6. Use The Right Detergent For The Job

There are numerous things you can use to clean your home exterior, some of which you will be able to make yourself.

Bleach, for example, when diluted with a bit of water can be excellent for removing most molds and mildews as it kills them.

Using a strong vinegar (still being a bit diluted, see instructions depending on what you’re going to clean) can make an excellent cleaner as well.

7. Consider Turning On Airplane Mode Or Disabling Notifications

It’s an odd thing to have to say, but getting distracted while you are cleaning the exterior of your home can be quite… problematic.

If you can afford it, turn off the notifications on your phone so that you can concentrate on the job at hand and you will find that you do a better job.

If you need a professional to help you with your exterior painting in Omaha, NE, our team at Brush & Roll Painting can help.


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