7 Tips For Cleaning Your Interior Walls in Omaha, NE

2020-05-03 Brush And Roll Painting Omaha NE 7 Tips Cleaning

7 Tips For Cleaning Your Interior Walls in Omaha, NE

In the course of homeownership, maintenance is a rather important part of keeping the house in good condition — regular maintenance is time-consuming. Still, it ultimately takes less time than having to repair things that deteriorate due to a lack of preventative care.

One thing that you can do to improve the condition of your home is to clean the interior walls. By doing so, you help to extend the life of the paint job on your walls and improve the general quality of the air as well, as keeping the walls clean will keep the dirt and dust from dirtying the air.

There are some things you can do to help you clean the interior walls of your home, which will improve the cleaning process.

With that in mind, here are seven tips for cleaning your interior walls in Omaha, NE.

1. Remove All Artwork From The Walls

The first thing you will want to do prior to cleaning your walls is to make sure that you have removed all of the artwork that you may have hanging on your wall.

There are two reasons you would want to do this, the primary one being that it is much easier to clean your walls when there is nothing on them to get in the way of the cleaning process.

The second is that even if you are only cleaning around the artwork, it is difficult because you have to work around the artwork.

2. Move Furniture To The Center Of The Room If It Can’t Be Removed

If at all possible, you’re going to want to remove the furniture from the room where you will be cleaning.

If it is absolutely not possible to remove the furniture, you should do your best to move the furniture to the center of the room such that it doesn’t get in the way of the cleaning process.

3. Dust With A Broom

The preliminary cleaning of your walls can be done with a broom – this will do more than an adequate job of removing the surface dust from your walls.

Once you have removed the dust from your walls like this, you will be able to move on to the next step in the cleaning process.

4. Use A Heavy Drop Cloth To Protect The Floor

You are going to want to put down a heavy drop cloth on the floor to protect it from the inevitable soapy water and eventually clean water that comes with cleaning the walls.

The idea behind using heavy drop cloths is that you will be able to prevent them from shifting about as you are walking during the cleaning process.

5. Scrub Down The Wall With Soapy Water

The next step in the cleaning process, now that you have properly protected the floors, is to thoroughly scrub down the walls with soapy water.

You can use a good microfiber cloth to facilitate the cleaning or a sponge that isn’t dyed to clean the wall.

6. Clean Water Rinse

The next thing you will want to do is to make sure that you have rinsed your walls well.

Your walls are nearly entirely clean, but you won’t want to leave any remnants of the soapy water on them so it is important to use water to finish getting them clean.

7. Keep The Windows Open

A good thing to bear in mind is that you should have your windows open if possible during the cleaning process.

One reason you should do this is to help with the process of getting your newly clean walls dry.

It’s also useful in that you can get some fresh air circulating while you are cleaning your walls.

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