7 Tips and Tricks for Painting Brick Exterior in Omaha, NE

2020-02-10 Brush and Roll Painting Omaha NE Exterior Brick Painting

7 Tips and Tricks for Painting Brick Exterior in Omaha, NE

There is great debate over whether brick exterior should be painted at all in the first place, but that is not what we are here to discuss.

Rather, here we come with the assumption that you already know that you want to paint the brick exterior of your home and you would like some good solid advice on how to do it best.

There are so very many ways to do the job not well and few to do it properly but if you come prepared with some information on your side, you will make the job a simple chore.

That said, here are seven tips and tricks for painting brick exterior in Omaha, NE.

1. Remove Loose Debris From Exterior Bricks

One impediment that will impede proper painting of exterior brick is the loose debris that accumulates over time, years of living somewhere with normal weather conditions will do that to any exterior but brick exterior seems to attract it sometimes.

Remove the debris prior to beginning the painting process and you will have a more successful paint job.

2. Power Wash Brick Exterior Prior To Painting

Exterior brick absolutely must be clean before being painted.

This is not to say that it has to be exactly like new because that would be a bit on the impossible side.

The best route to getting exterior brick as clean as possible is by using a power washer which uses simple water at high pressure to remove dirt from the surface of the bricks.

3. Wait Before Re-coating Or Re-Touching Paint

Though there might be a temptation to put on a second coat of paint as soon as you are finished with the first coat, this would be quite a mistake.

It’s important that you wait a minimum of four hours if not longer (you can always spot check) before you put on the second coat or even re-touch the paint job where necessary.

This is why often times exterior painting goes from being a one or two-day project into something that can be several days.

4. Windows And Doors Should Be Covered And Sealed With Newspaper And Painter’s Tape

It might seem superfluous to cover and seal your windows and doors with newspaper and painter’s tape during the painting process, but in fact, it can be one of the biggest time-savers in the long run.

The problem with external painting, even when painting brick on the exterior is that you sometimes get paint places where you didn’t intend to get it, and removing paint is more burdensome than protecting things from the paint.

Do yourself a favor and cover the windows and doors when you are painting your brick exterior.

5. Efflorescence Should Be Properly Removed Prior To Painting Brick Exteriors

Efflorescence in terms of brick exteriors is the appearance of a fine chalky substance on the surface.

This substance is a bit of impediment when it comes to painting your brick exterior and needs to be properly cleaned prior to painting.

Use a stiff brush and soapy water to clean and then rinse a couple of times with water to make sure the brick is clean.

6. Sand Exterior Brick With 80 Grit Sandpaper Prior To Painting

Sanding the exterior of your brick home prior to painting is a good step toward making sure that the paint job goes well.

Sanding ensures an even surface, which helps with the paint going on as smoothly as possible.

Use 80 grit sandpaper with your brick exterior and get better results.

7. Make Sure To Caulk And Seal Even The Seemingly Smallest Opening Prior

It doesn’t take much to get water into brick and once you get a leak going, the damage that can be caused is immense.

Caulk and seal all the openings that you might come across while inspecting your brick home and save yourself the heartache later if there is damaged caused because of it.

If you need a professional to help you with your exterior brick painting in Omaha, NE, our team at Brush & Roll Painting can help.

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