7 Ideas For Painting A Child’s Ceiling in Omaha, NE

2020-07-10 Brush and Roll Painting Omaha NE Child's Ceiling

7 Ideas For Painting A Child’s Ceiling in Omaha, NE

On occasion, it’s nice to paint the interior of your home not just because it is time to be repainted, but because you want to change the look of a room.

Depending on how long you have been living in your home, this can be even more the case when your child reaches a certain age and outgrows the way their bedroom looked when they were younger — even something like the way their ceiling looks.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to stick with basic white when you are painting a ceiling — and certainly not when you’re looking at painting your child’s ceiling.

As this is the case, here are seven ideas for painting a child’s ceiling in Omaha, NE.

1. Waves

Though some of the other ideas discussed in this article are going to be a bit more complicated to some extent, your child’s ceiling doesn’t have to be — it can be something as simple as the shape of waves.

Of course one might think that this refers to the sort of waves that one sees at the beach and that this means that the ceiling will have to be painted a certain color to accommodate this but this is not the case — waves can come in any color you like and it will improve the look of the ceiling overall.

2. Fairy Tale

It might seem an unusual choice but if your child has a fairy tale they really like to hear over and over again, it could be a pleasant thing for them to have the story laid out above them.

It is just the right thing that they could enjoy looking at when they are going to sleep.

3. Stars

When you think about a pleasant thing to look up at in the evening, the stars are one of the first things that usually come to mind.

Having stars in right above your child when they are going to sleep can be quite an exciting experience and just the right kind of thing to help them get to sleep.

It is even possible for you to use glow in the dark paint and therefore have stars that resemble the stars that are above them when you take walks in the evening.

4. Their Favorite Color

We are going back to simplicity with this — you don’t have to necessarily have a tricky pattern on the ceiling above your child’s head — it can be something as simple as their favorite color.

Of course, their favorite color may change more often than their socks, so it bears employing some caution when your child tells you that their favorite color is one thing or another.

5. Geometric Shapes

Your child may not yet be in a class in which they study actual geometry, but it doesn’t take too long before your average school child learns about what the different shapes are and what the difference is between one kind of triangle and another.

Having some interesting shapes above their heads can be fun and educational not just for when they are studying the shapes but even just as something to have to look at when they are going to sleep.

6. Superheroes

Speaking of pleasant things to have above the head as one is going to sleep, perhaps you should consider painting one of their favorite superheroes.

Of course this like colors tends to change over time, you should be aware that many children can stick with the same superhero year after year — this tends to lead to their having large collections of comics featuring said hero.

7. Aquarium

Of course the notion of having a large aquarium above ones head may be a little intimidating, but having a painted one might be a little more tolerable — knowing that water has no chance of leaking from above.

You can feature some of their favorite aquatic beings in the water, even if they have never seen them in real life!

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