7 House-painting Myths Debunked In Omaha, NE

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7 House-painting Myths Debunked In Omaha, NE

In the world of painting houses, there are some myths that just don’t seem to want to go away.

Some of them are silly and harmless and it’s no big deal if you really want to believe them — the kind of thing like rubbing a certain key-chain before you get into your car for good luck, which doesn’t affect anyone other than making your commute about ten seconds longer.

Other myths really need to be put away into the bin where they belong as they are, shall we say, not helpful for the people trying to make the world a bit of a better place through painting.

Here are seven house-painting myths debunked in Omaha, NE.

1. That If You Use Several Coats Of Paint, You No Longer Need Primer

There’s more to primer than just being another layer that you put on that which you are painting.

Primer does a fantastic job of preparing a surface to get the actual paint that you are going to be using.

There are paints out there that incorporate a primer, but if you aren’t using one of those specialty paints, you will always want to use a primer prior to putting on that first layer of paint.

2. That If Your Walls Are Smooth, You Do Not Need Primer

This is the myth that sticks around because when you just think about it, it seems to make sense — except that it is entirely untrue.

Oh, people will say, the surface is smooth so why do I have to use primer?

Primer does so much more than that, and has bonding agents that allow the paint to stay on the surface being painted better, and also last longer.

3. Two Or More Coats Of Paint Are Always Necessary

In so very many circumstances, someone gets done putting on a layer of paint, allows it to dry (always necessary) and then looks at it and thinks, “Time for the second coat of paint — that’s always necessary, they say!”

This, however, is not the case — you can often make do with just one coat of paint on top of the primer which is still a must.

If you finish the first coat and it dries and it, well, looks good — you might not need that second coat of paint.

4. Your Indoor Paint Can Work Outdoors And Your Outdoor Paint Works Just As Well Indoors

This is one of the worst myths that needs to go away and fast — the idea that paint is paint and you can paint with anything anywhere is bad for you, bad for your budget in the long term, and just bad in general!

If you take paint that is meant for indoor use and use it outdoors, you’ll know exactly how you made a mistake the first time you hit a bad snowstorm, or a hot day comes along and your house suddenly goes from nice to bad in a short time.

Please do yourself a favor — don’t cut costs by buying paint that is not meant for the purpose that you have it and just buy the right paints!

5. It Isn’t Necessary To Paint When You Are Selling Your House

Some people have the logic that it’s silly to paint when selling the house because the new people are likely going to just paint as soon as they get there.

Well, that might very well be true but do you have any idea how much it helps you sell that house when you have new paint on the house?

There’s a reason that you’ll see people on popular television shows that are trying to flip homes doing one thing just about every time — painting a room or all the rooms or the exterior of the house — it works!

They generally even break it down how much they spent on paint and painting versus the return on investment — and it’s usually quite generous!

6. Glossy Paint Is More Durable Than Paint That Is Not Glossy

There’s just no reason for this myth to be out there, so let’s just squash it right here.

It doesn’t matter if you use glossy paint, matte paint, whatever — it’s the quality of the paint that makes it more durable in the long run.

7. Dark Colors Make A Room Look Smaller

It’s not the color of the wall itself that makes the room look smaller or feel smaller, it’s a combination of the walls plus the trim plus the ceiling — a sort of formula, as it were.

Dark walls don’t make the room look smaller, bottom line.

Of course, if they feel smaller to you, that’s your thing and you should absolutely not let the color remain.

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