5 Reasons to Paint the Exterior of Your Home

exterior painting

Painting the exterior of your home is more than an activity. It not only makes your home stand apart from other homes nearby but also adds to your own character and personality. At the same time, painting the exterior of your home serves as a defense against various external factors including weather elements, water damage, and insect damage.

Painting the exterior of your Omaha home is therefore extremely important, and you cannot ignore it. While there’re many reasons that can make you want to repaint your exterior, here are the main 5 that we wanted to bring to your attention today.

1.    Gaps due to caulking failure

This may be quite frustrating sometimes and it may happen due to the use of a low-quality caulk or poor priming of the surface before caulking. It also may be caused by using the wrong type of caulk for a specific application. All these reasons result in cracking of the caulk which gets pulled away from the surface, leaving your home prone to water or bugs invasion. This problem can be solved by filling out the small cracks with fresh caulking. But large cracks might require a new paint job.

2.    Peeling paint

It’s probably time to take immediate action when you start noticing signs of peeling paint. They’re a warning sign that your home is exposed and could be damaged by the rain and sun

The longer you ignore this problem, the more damage, and problems it causes. Ignore the issue long enough and it will find its way into the interior walls of your home. Thankfully, a fresh coat of paint with a bit of regular maintenance can ensure that your paint job lasts longer and issues of water damage are eliminated.

3.    Sun faded paint

Whichever type of paint you use, it will eventually break down over time. And fading is just one of the first signs that you need to do something. It’s typically caused by prolonged exposure of your paint job to directly UV rays of the sun. This causes the paint to oxidize and fade, making the exterior paint of your home look old and worn out before its time.

The fading process is, however, rather slow and not so obvious. To tell if your paint is fading, use a rag to rub off the paint, and if the paint comes off the siding, it’s a clear sign that your home is missing the external protection it needs, and it needs a new coat of paint. When applying a new coat of paint, make sure to use high-quality paint that has UV protection to minimize fading.

4.    Mold or Mildew growing on siding

Nothing makes your house look old or uncleaned than the growth of mold or mildew on the siding of your home. Gray or black spots on your home’s exterior may be mildew or algae caused by poor air circulation and excessive moisture.

If not treated in good time, the paint could flake or crack, allowing moisture to seep into the wood. This further causes wood rot and even more mildew and mold growth. Check closely on the door and window frames, which is where this problem tends to begin. We advise that you properly identify and address the underlying causes of mold, mildew and repaint your home as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

5.    Rotted wood on trim or siding

If your home has lots of wood siding, framing and plywood sheathing, it may need proper protection from water damage. Moisture or water are the main causes of rotted wood. When water gets into the cracks of the wood and doesn’t dry out for a long time, it becomes a perfect place for the proliferation of fungi. This causes wood to decay further and severely damage the exterior of your home. If you find yourself needing to replace elements of your home’s exterior, we recommend getting it repainted to make sure your siding is properly protected against weather elements.

If your home in Omaha, Nebraska is showing any of the above signs or you’re simply in the mood for a new exterior look, our professional painting crew can help. Schedule an estimate below or give us a call today and let’s help you restore the glory of your home’s exterior.