5 More Ideas To Boost Your Curb Appeal in Omaha, NE

2020-08-10 Brush and Roll Painting Omaha NE Curb Appeal

5 More Ideas To Boost Your Curb Appeal in Omaha, NE

People will often do things to improve the way their home looks on the outside, whether they are doing so for their own benefit — just wanting to live in a house that looks nicer — or whether they are doing so because they want their home to ultimately sell for more money at some point down the line.

As we have previously mentioned here, the idea of boosting your curb appeal means that you want to make the way your home looks from the outside, more specifically how it looks from the perspective of someone standing by the curb or perhaps even driving near your home.

With that in mind, let us now look at and consider five more ideas to boost your curb appeal in Omaha, NE.

1. Window Boxes

Window boxes are a nice way to add a little flair to the exterior of your house — you are not only adding an external element that contrasts with the rest of the house in the form of the box itself, but you are also adding a nice space for plant life, be that in the form of herbs that you can use for your cooking or just flowers of different sorts to admire from a distance or afar.

Window boxes can come in a variety of sizes and colors as well as materials (they don’t have to be identical to your home, certainly) — one good rule for having window boxes is that you should have uniformity with them — it won’t do much for your curb appeal if it looks like you got your window boxes on the side of the street… from different streets.

2. Symmetry For Entrances

When you’re looking at ways to boost your curb appeal, one thing that you might think about doing is to create symmetry with your entrance; if you’re having difficulty conceptualizing symmetry, think about a classic Stanley Kubrick film and the way that so many shots are perfectly balanced and can be cut in half with each side looking the same as the other.

You can do this with a number of things including pathways that are symmetrical and porches that are symmetrical by plan — you can get a good guide to planning a porch with symmetry in mind online.

3. Front Porch Furniture

Whether or not you choose to go with front porch symmetry, you can get a great deal of curb appeal boost when you add furniture.

In addition to boosting your curb appeal, when you have furniture on the porch you will be inviting a world of wonder into your home life in that you can not only just sit on the porch and enjoy the day or evening.

Additionally, you can invite your family and friends to sit out on the porch with you and you can talk or even have a nice snack or meal on the porch when you add furniture to it.

4. Add Lighting To Your Pathways

When you have a pathway that leads to your door, it’s important to have some sort of lighting that will help out when people are visiting you in the evening or just when you are coming home late at night.

Having lighting on your pathway can be even as simple as lights that have little solar panels on top – they charge during the day and then use that power to light up at night.

5. Replace Your Gutters

Your gutters might look better if you upgrade them — it could be a simple upgrade but some will tell you that a good copper upgrade can be even better.

Truly, it is a bit pricier than a vinyl replacement but it generally lasts quite a bit longer and looks a lot better though your mileage may vary.

If you need a professional to help you with your exterior painting in Omaha, NE, our team at Brush & Roll Painting can help.


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