5 Ideas For Using Magnetic And Chalk Paint in Omaha, NE

2020-06-03 Brush and Roll Painting Omaha NE Magnetic and Chalk Paint

5 Ideas For Using Magnetic And Chalk Paint in Omaha, NE

When you think of a home with children, you sometimes will think about how the crayons and markers and even colored pencils will be used on surfaces that are not meant for them — the walls of your home and sometimes the furniture.

Parents will use paint on the interior of their home that is easily washable as these higher sheen paints are often as easy to clean as taking a moist cloth and giving the wall a good scrub.

The use of both magnetic and chalk paint, however, can have some benefits when it comes to this as you can create safe venues for your budding artists — but there are uses for magnetic and chalk paint beyond only allowing your kids to doodle on the wall.

Here are five ideas for using magnetic and chalk paint in Omaha, NE.

1. The Home Classroom

When you think of a home classroom, you sometimes picture a room in your home dedicated to either supplementing what your children learn at school or being the place where they learn it, if your children are school at home types.

There are many benefits to having one of the walls of your home classroom be dedicated as either a chalkboard, a magnetic wall, or even a combination of the two (some prefer keeping these separate) but most of all it’s sometimes easier to teach your children subjects when you can make notes on what you are teaching on the wall in large letters.

Additionally it is useful for being able to draw out what you are teaching that day, or even just writing something as simple as what the date is and what the weather is like outside.

2. Home Office

For people who have long worked from home, having a place in the office where they can keep notes is an important thing.

Having any part of your home office be a space for such notes or even just an impromptu space where you can make up a calendar or a to do list for the day or week can be helpful for the purposes of getting things done.

3. Kitchen Help

Anyone who spends a reasonable amount of time in the kitchen can tell you that there are frequently times when it is helpful to be able to write something down — and you don’t always want to scramble around looking for a pen and paper.

Making a wall or even a section of the wall as a dedicated chalkboard can help with this as you will be able to write down things like ingredients that need to be purchased (to be, presumably, later transferred to an app of some sort that will accompany the person going to the store) or even inventive ideas for recipes to be developed at a later time.

4. Key Idea

It’s almost a trope — characters on television shows struggling to find their keys.

Of course, in real life when you don’t know where your keys are and you don’t have a dedicated place to put them, the struggle is more than real.

You can make a portion of the wall near the entrance to your home be a magnetic space where you can get magnetic hangers for your keys so that as soon as you get home, you can hang them up and ensure that they won’t get lost.

5. Dresser Drawer Chalkboard

If you were to say to the average person that you could possibly paint your dresser drawers with chalk or magnetic paint, they would ask you why you would do such a thing.

Dresser drawers are typically opaque and so you can’t tell what is inside them — but if you made your dresser drawers into chalkboards, you could make notes on things like needing to do the laundry, or perhaps even having to wear a certain shirt on a particular day.

Additionally, just for fun — you can draw nice designs on the chalkboard drawers and change up the look of the room now and then.

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