10 Best Trending 2019 Interior Paint Colors

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If you’re looking to repaint your home’s interior in Omaha, Nebraska, you might be wondering which color to use in order to keep up with the trend for 2019 and beyond. Color experts at major paint manufacturers create palettes that make it easier for you to choose. They also name each color, and the name often influences the buyer’s choice.

Most of this work actually happens quietly behind the scenes, and unless you’re directly involved in the design and painting industry, you might not catch the news and insights in good time. In this article, we will be sharing the top 10 best interior colors that will be trending in 2019 and beyond.

1.    Misty blues

We’re going to see more blues with softened mistiness and haze for the interiors in 2019. The moody blue has a hint of a calming grey undertone that creates serene energy in your interior. A touch of purple in the blues can promote creative thinking while hints of gray will keep you grounded and settled.

2.    Hazelnut

If you’re looking to create a warm and inviting interior, then the creamy shades of hazelnut are your best option. They won’t clash with your existing interior décor and furnishings, and will not go out of fashion any time soon. Use various shades of hazelnut in strategic positions to bounce light around the room and make your interior seem a little larger than it really is.

3.    Living Coral

When you begin your interior repaint and renovation, it only makes sense to include the Living Coral by Pantone on your wish list. Living Coral, which is Pantone’s 2019 color of choice, is one of the best optimistic and hopeful colors you can use for your interior. To give your room a more uplifting and energizing mood, you can separate the Living Coral into its pink and orange counterparts.

4.    Dark greens

This is another one of the Pantone’s top colors for 2019 –it’s basically a variant of hunter green, which hasn’t performed very well since it was first spotlighted in the late 90s. This tone stimulates the feeling of nature’s healing power and lush botanicals –a great way to bring a little bit of the outside, inside.

5.    Cavern Clay

Cavern Clay by Sherwin Williams is a warm terra-cotta that brings the outdoors in too – not the botanicals though (think desert and canyons). This is for homeowners who appreciate the desert-modern style, which is where mid-century modern meets the American Southwest. This color performs well in the dining area, kitchen or a room to relax.

6.    Muted pastels

The chalky, muted tones bring the soothing appeal into your interior, creating perfect relaxation space in gender-neutral rooms and common areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. They’re great at hiding small everyday nicks and scuff marks. This is a perfect option if you don’t wish to go bold.

7.    Metropolitan

You’ve probably already heard about the Metropolitan by Benjamin Moore. This is a stylish gray with cool undertones and creates a soothing and contemplative state of mind. It is best used on the living room walls along with warm colors and to add a soothing touch to a sleek kitchen. They recommend ceiling, eggshell on walls, and semi-gloss on the trim.

8.    Soft clay

If you want to bring some earthy tones to the inside without necessarily using the browns and beiges, soft clay provides a perfect alternative. Options here include terra cotta, caramel, clove, and burnt orange. Essentially, any latest trends that incorporate unusual tones of soft clay will make your room stand out.  

9.    Mustard

If you’re looking to create rich accents and focal points, deep mustard can be a great alternative to gold. This is one of those colors you apply in small doses – to create provocative depth and highlight certain décor items, use moody and muted mustard.

10.    Peacock Blue

Need to repaint your home office or bedroom? Peacock blue can be a smart option.  Psychologically speaking, Peacock Blue has been known to optimize concentration, encourage deep meditation and even improve sleep. This might not, however, be best for small spaces such as bathrooms and small kitchens.

Bottom line

With the above insights, the choice of your interior color for your next interior painting project should be a bit light.  If you still can’t seem to make up your mind, our professional painting experts can help. Just reach out to us and schedule an estimate and we will be more than happy to offer some color insights, and take things from there.