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The Brush & Roll Painting Workmanship Warranty

The professionals at Brush & Roll Painting know it's important to sweat the details to ensure your project will last for years not months. We're so sure of our process and materials that we guarantee our workmanship. If something does happen, we will come back and repair the problem, FREE of charge. The warranty period differs based on project type and package chosen.

For a warranty to be valid, the customer must:

  • Have paid the original project invoice in full
  • Have kept the original project bid and a copy of payment receipt (cancelled check, credit card receipt, etc.)
  • Allow Brush & Roll Painting representatives to examine the issue and perform the repair(s).

Exterior Painting Warranty

Warranty periods on exterior painting projects are based on the exterior paint package chosen at the time of contract, and are as follows:

  • Ultimate: 5-year Workmanship Warranty
  • Premium: 3-year Workmanship Warranty
  • Pro: 1-year Workmanship Warranty

Interior Warranty for Painting & Woodwork

Interior warranties covers both wall painting and woodwork finishing and restoration:

  • Interior walls: 3-year warranty on marring
  • Woodwork: 2-year warranty on UV damage, water damage, flaking or peeling
  • Workmanship Warranty Exclusions

    The following exclusions are not covered:

    • Any work not originally done by Brush & Roll Painting
    • Any work where Brush & Roll Painting did not supply the finish (e.g. paint, laquer) or other materials
    • Repairs to any horizontal surfaces where moisture can be allowed collect, including decks, stairs, porches, roofs and gutters
    • Peeling,blistering or chipping down to bare walls or wood, due to previous coats of paint.

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